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2 Hinde MewsThe Palestine Exploration Fund is one of the oldest academic organisations in the world dedicated to the scientific investigation of all disciplines relating to the ancient Levant, having been founded in 1865.

The PEF supports the research of both senior and junior scholars financially by giving annual grants. We also provide access to the extensive archives and collections located at the PEF offices in central London.

The PEF has set three distinct fundraising goals:

  • To increase our support of qualified researchers worldwide through the giving of annual grants
  • To improve the storage facilities for our archives, photographic images, and collections of artefacts
  • In the long term, the PEF aims to re-occupy the main offices of the building it owns thereby improving space for our library, collection displays, and general office facilities

Further details on any of these goals can be obtained by contacting us directly.

How to Give

You can support the PEF with contributions in any amount. Please fill out our donation form.  Cheques (£UK Sterling only) are made payable to “The Palestine Exploration Fund”. Credit card payments in $US dollars or £UK sterling (or other currencies) are to be made using the form, which also includes information about Gift Aid for UK Taxpayers.  Please do not e-mail the form. Please send the form and cheque (if this your payment method) by post or fax to: 

The Palestine Exploration Fund,
2 Hinde Mews,
Marylebone Lane,
London W1U 2AA
United Kingdom

The Palestine Exploration Fund, 2 Hinde Mews, Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2AA
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