The PEF’s small collection of pieces of scientific equipment include items used during its surveys, including the theodolite, compasses, sextants and measuring chains used by Claude Conder and Horatio Kitchener during the Survey of Western Palestine.

The image of a Royal Engineer wearing a ‘kefiyeh’ in the local fashion and peering through the telescope of a theodolite, was sketched by Conder during the Survey of Western Palestine. This sketch forms the basis of the PEF’s current logo. The collection also contains a lantern slide projector and cameras used by John Garstang in the field in the 1920s and 1930s.

Equipment used by Kitchener and Conder during their Survey of Western Palestine, 1871–1878; theodolite (and PEF logo), swivelling compass in wooden box with sliding lid and plumb bob (PEF-SE-15, 11, 13).