The PEF considers the term ‘Palestine’ to embrace the southern Levant, that is, the political entities currently referred to as ‘Israel’ and ‘Palestine’, and including Gaza, plus Jordan and the Sinai peninsula, and extending into Lebanon and Syria.

In our policies regarding membership, research grants and lectures we uphold the principles of neutrality and legality, in accordance with the rulings of legitimate international bodies such as the UN and the International Court of Justice. We do not subscribe to any political agenda, nor conduct or support any politically-motivated activities.

With respect to archaeological artefacts, we follow the 1970 UNESCO and 1995 UNIDROIT Conventions on the ownership of cultural property. Accordingly the PEF does not support, encourage, fund or publish research into items that have been transported or appropriated, or may be reasonably suspected of having been, in contravention of these conventions, We also withhold support or endorsement from any individuals or institution we believe to be involved in such activity.

Regarding membership of the PEF or its Committee or staff, we exercise no discrimination regarding ethnic or political or religious affiliation, and require only that such persons do not engage in any discriminatory activity in the name of the PEF.

The PEF’s neutrality extends to non-cooperation with institutions that employ academic research for overt political ends, including conferences, publications and exhibitions.