The PEF’s coins come mainly from PEF explorations and excavations, and from some donations by individuals.

Sites represented include Jerusalem, Gezer, Ashkelon, Arwad, & Samaria. Medals include commemorative issues donated to the PEF by institutions and individuals and date from the late 19th and early 20th century.
Brass coin of Constantius II, AD 337–361. Obverse is the head of the emperor holding orb. “D.N. Constantius P.J. Aug.” Reverse (shown here) depicts a legionary with standard and shield. Before him are two captives and a star above. The inscription reads “FEL[IX] TEMP[ORUM] REPARATIO”, literally ‘happy times are here again’, perhaps a morale boost for those handling Roman currency in that difficult period. (PEF-N-114)
Commemorative medal issued to mark the death of Lord Kitchener in 1916.