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PEQ: The Palestine Exploration Quarterly

PEQ is the peer-reviewed journal of the PEF, established in 1865 as the first scholarly society dedicated to the scientific study of what was then generally known as the Holy Land. In 1869, the Fund through its Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement aimed to illuminate the Bible for its readers with scholarly information about the land of the Bible. PEQ is the Statement's successor and has greatly widened its original scope.

Despite its title, PEQ is concerned not just with Palestine/the land of Israel, but with the wider region of the Levant - its history, archaeology (including biblical aspects), art, languages, natural and earth ethnology, geography and natural and earth sciences. Its contents include reports of archaeological work (especially that supported by the PEF), studies of pottery and other artefacts, examination and interpretation of archaeological sites, publications and studies of inscriptions, ancient texts, archival material relating to the exploration of the Levant, and reviews of books.

Information about the PEQ

  • Accessing PEQ

    PEQ is sent to all PEF subscribers four times a year. Volumes from 1869 to present are also available online to subscribers through

  • PEQ Back Issues

    Original back issues of the PEQ from 1875 to the present (with some gaps) are available to purchase from the PEF office.

  • PEQ: Instructions for Authors

    Contributors to the PEQ are advised to read this 'Instructions for Authors' section. This section also includes instructions for authors and publishers to send books for the Reviews section of PEQ. For queries, please contact the Editor, Dr. Linda Hulin:

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