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The excavations at Tell el Hesi (1890-1892)

3610 days ago

Reflections on the Changing Interpretations of Tell el-Hesi and Its Environs: 1838 - 2015

1506 days ago

Archaeological Collection

3403 days ago

…the South Levant, in particular from Jerusalem, Tell el Hesi, and Samaria. The material comes almost … able to associate groups of objects excavated at Tell el Hesi with different time periods. This contributed to …


3597 days ago

…photographs from the PEF’s excavations at Tell el Hesi, Jerusalem, Gezer, and Ain Shems – Beth …

Documents and Maps

3402 days ago

…of Flinders Petrie and Frederick Jones Bliss at Tell el Hesi (1890-1892), the excavations of R.A.S. Macalister …

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