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PEQ 150, 2018

Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Volume 150 Number 1 March 2018

Cover Image: Tell el 'Ajjul, photo by Olga Tufnell. PEF-P-TUF-12


1        Editorial: Looking to the future     
          Linda Hulin

3        Notes and news

4        Tell el-‘Ajjul palaces I and II: Context and function
          Holly A. Winter

33       Forts or agricultural estates? Persian period settlement in the territories of the former
           kingdom of Judah
           Avraham Faust

59       Nabataean echoes in al-Harrah: New evidence in light of recent field work
           Zeyad al-Salameen, Younis al-Shdaifat and Rafe Harahsheh

Book Reviews
79        Fantalkin, A. and Tal, O., Tell Qudadi: An Iron Age IIB fortress on the central                                                                           Mediterranean coast of Israel
            Frederick Mario Fales

84         Hoffmeier, J.K., Excavations in North Sinai: Tell el-Borg I
             Manfred Bietak

86        Acknowledgements


Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Volume 150 Number 2 June 2018

322.jpg (1403 × 2003)

Cover Photo: Chambardia Shells from Jericho. Courtesy of L. Nigro.


87   Philip R. Davies, Chairman of the PEF, 2015-1018
     John R. Bartlett

89   Notes and news

90    A Russian Before and After the Revolution: P. P. Efimenko a Pioneer of Levantine Prehistoric
      Ofer Marder, Isaac Gilead, Zinovi Matskevich, Ianir Milevski, Dmitry Yegorov and Alla Nagorsky

110   A hoard of Nilotic nacreous shells from Egypt to Jericho (Early Bronze II, 3000-2800 BC): Their
      finding, content and historical archaeological implications
      Lorenzo Nigro, Daria Montanari, Francesco Mura, Jehad Yasine and Teresa Rinaldi    

126   A Note on Iron Age Figural Artefacts from Tell Dothan
      Adam E. Miglio and Rebekah Dutton   

143   Report on the pottery from Tell Sufan in Nablus, Palestine
      Loay Abu Alsaud and Amer Qobbaj
Book Reviews
161   M., Mouton and S. G., Schmid, Men on the rocks: the formation of Nabataean Petra
      Gregory A. Crawford

163   I. Hjelm and T. L. Thompson, History, archaeology and the Bible forty years after “historicity”
      (Changing perspectives, 6)
      Philip R. Davies
164   Davies, P.R., The History of Ancient Israel: A Guide for the Perplexed
      Diana Edelman

166   Rolf Hachmann, Kamid el-Loz 20: Die Keilschriftbriefe und der Horizont von El-Amarna
      (Saarbrücker Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, 87)
      Marlies Heinz
168   Y. Farhi, Khirbet Qeiyafa Vol. 5, excavation report 2007–2013. The numismatic finds: coins and
      related objects
      David M. Jacobson

171   Mahieu, B., Between Rome and Jerusalem. Herod the Great and His Sons in Their Struggle for
      Recognition: A Chronological Investigation of the Period 40 BC–39 AD, with a Time Setting of
      New Testament Events
      Henry Curtis Pelgrift

173   L. Nigro Rome, Reading catastrophes. Proceedings of the International Conference “Reading
      catastrophes: Methodological Approaches and Historical Interpretation. Earthquakes, Floods,
      Famines, Epidemics between Egypt and Palestine—3rd-1st Millennium BC”, held in Rome,
      3rd-4th December 2012 (Rome “La Sapienza” Studies on the Archaeology of Palestine and
      Transjordan, 11)
      Robert Porter

176   Kennedy, D., Settlement and Soldiers in the Roman Near East
      Alexandra Ratzlaff

179   Acknowledgements


Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Volume 150 Number 3 September 2018

326.jpg (1181 × 1693)

Cover photo: PEF-P-1680: Tancrede R. Dumas’ photograph of Umm al Jimaal taken
in 1875 during the American Palestine Exploration Society’s survey of Eastern
Palestine. It is Dumas’ number 48 in the series.


181     Editorial: From trowel to tourist
    Linda Hulin

183     Towards a Definition of the pre-Classical Phoenician Temple
    Meir Edrey

205     Nomads of the H?arrah at Sea: A Safaitic inscription mentioning seafaring accompanied
    by a rock drawing of a boat from the Jordanian Badiyah
    Zeyad Al-Salameen, Younis al-Shdaifat and Rafe Harahsheh

213     An Arab Chariot Monument at Umm al-Jimal
    Thomas M. Weber-Karyotakis and Muaffaq Hazza S. al-Khdair

Notes from the field
235     Early Bronze Age Levantine Metal Weapons from the Collection of the Palestine
    Exploration Fund
    Daria Montanari

Book Reviews
252     M. Goodman and Alexander P., Rabbinic texts and the history of late-Roman Palestine
    (Proceedings of the British Academy 165)
    Claudine Dauphin

257     Marshak, A.K., The Many Faces of Herod the Great
    David M. Jacobson

261     Ristau, K.A., Reconstructing Jerusalem: Persian-Period Prophetic Perspectives
    Jason M. Silverman

263     Collins, S., Kobs. C., and Luddenit, M., The Tall Al-Hammam Excavations, Vol. 1:
    An Introduction to Tall al-Hammam
    Owen Chesnut

265     Mairs, R., From Khartoum to Jerusalem: the Dragoman Solomon Negima and his Clients
    Sarah Irving

268 Acknowledgements


Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Volume 150 Number 4 December 2018

330.jpg (1161 × 1654)

Cover Photo: The 1926 Excavations at Megiddo. Photo by John Garstang from the PEF collections. PEF-P-GAR-Megiddo 1926.


261    C. A. Strine

Notes from the Field
263    New Research and Findings from Tell Sufan
    Loay Abu Al Saud and Amer Qobbaj

265    The First Melchizedek Bottle? Notes on the Jerusalem Iron IIA Pithos Inscription
    Raz Kletter

272    Tell el-Hesi: A Type Site for reevaluating so-called 'Egptian Governors' Redidencies' of the South
    Jeffrey A. Blakely

297    New Light on Schumacher's Sudliches Burgtor at Megiddo
    Robert S. Homsher and Israel Finkelstein

310    The Identification of the Medieval Church of St. Sabas in Jerusalem in the Light of new Documentary Evidence
    Denys Pringle

321    A Preliminary Research Trip: British Women In Mandate Palestine (PEF Report)
    Charlotte Kelsted

Book Reviews
323    A. K. Marshak, The Many Faces of Herod the Great
    David M. Jacobson

326    K. A. Ristau, Reconstructing Jerusalem: Persian-Period Prophetic Perspectives
    Jason M. Silverman

328    S. Collins, C. Kobs and M. Luddenit (eds), Teh Tall al-Hammam Excavations, Vol. 1: An Introduction to Tall Al-Hammam
    Owen Chesnut

330    R. Mairs, From Khartoum to Jerusalem: The Dragoman Solomon Negima and his Clients (1885 - 1933)
    Sarah Irving


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