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PEQ 150, 2018

Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Volume 150 Number 1 March 2018

Cover Image: Tell el 'Ajjul, photo by Olga Tufnell. PEF-P-TUF-12


1        Editorial: Looking to the future     
          Linda Hulin

3        Notes and news

4        Tell el-‘Ajjul palaces I and II: Context and function
          Holly A. Winter

33       Forts or agricultural estates? Persian period settlement in the territories of the former
           kingdom of Judah
           Avraham Faust

59       Nabataean echoes in al-H. arrah: New evidence in light of recent field work
           Zeyad al-Salameen, Younis al-Shdaifat and Rafe Harahsheh

Book Reviews
79        Fantalkin, A. and Tal, O., Tell Qudadi: An Iron Age IIB fortress on the central                                                                           Mediterranean coast of Israel
            Frederick Mario Fales

84         Hoffmeier, J.K., Excavations in North Sinai: Tell el-Borg I
             Manfred Bietak

86        Acknowledgements

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