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PEQ 148, 2016

Volume 148,    Number 1,   March 2016

PEQ Cover 2016.1.jpg


The  Changing Face  of PEQ
 David  M. Jacobson    1

Notes and News     3

Yoram Tsafrir, B.A., M.A., PhD (30 January 1938–  23 November  2015)
Claudine Dauphin     5

Storage Structures of the Late Early Bronze I in the Southern Levant and the
Urbanisation Process
Amir Golani and Eli  Yannai     8

The  Early Bronze Age Fortifications at Tell Es-Safi/Gath, Israel
Itzhaq Shaii, Jeffrey R. Chadwick, Eric Welch, Jill Katz, Haskey  J. Greenfield,
and Aren  M. Maeir    42

New Epigraphical Material From Jordan
Ali Al-Manaser and Mahdi  Alzoubi    59

Reviews     70
Acknowledgements    76


Volume 148,    Number 2,   June 2016

PEQ Cover Vol 148.2



Kitchener’s Sundial
David M. Jacobson          77

Notes & News                  81

Trude Dothan (1922 – 2016): In Memoriam
Seymour Gitin                82

The Murder of James Leslie Starkey Near Lachish
Yosef Garfinkel             84

Prime Suspect: William Cowper Prime in the Holy Land and the Identity of “An American” in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, 1858
David L. Kennedy and Brett D. Hirsch                        110

Scarabs of Sheshi at Tell El-Ajjul, Contra Kempinski
Robert Martin Porter                                                133



Volume 148, number 3, September 2016

PEQ Cover 148.3



The Palestinian Museum, Ramallah
Felicity Cobbing             155

Notes & News                 158

The Early Bronze Age at Tel Nagila
Yitzhak Paz and Joe Uziel        161

Mapping and Mapmaking in the High Mountains of Sinai Peninsula:
A Review and the Revivla of 19th century ce practices
Ahmed Shams                188

The Walls of Medieval Ascalon 2014
Denys Pringle and Hannah Buckingham    211

Plant Collecting in Jordan for a Phytolithic Reference Collection
Daniella Vos                 218

In Search of the Late Antique Pilgrimage Eulogia of Jerusalem
Lucy O'Connor                221

Acknowledgements                 223
Erratum                     224


volume 148, number 4, December 2016

PEQ Cover 2016.4


Connections in Time and Space                  225

Notes &  News                                       227

Amarna and Uluburun: Reconsidering Patterns of Exchange in the Late Bronze Age
Federico Zangani                                   230

A Pirate's Life for Me: The Maritime Culture of the Sea Peoples
Louise A. Hitchcock and Aren M. Maeir       245

Maritime Worlds Collide: Agents of Tranference and the Metastasis of Seaborne Threats at the End of the Bronze Age
Jeffrey P. Emanuel                                  265

Ancient Fishing Methods and Fishing Grounds in the Lake of Galilee                                                                             Facundo D. Troche                                   281

Arsur Castle Maritime Installation (1241–1265 CE)
Dan Mirkin, Deborah Cvikel and Oren Tal   294

Study & Publication of Cypriote & Aegean Material from the Old Excavations
in the Levant Stored in UK Museums 2013
Angelos Papadopoulos                            313

Reviews                                                 318

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the Palestine Exploration Fund, 9 June 2016
Felicity Cobbing                                       320

Acknowledgements                                  330


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