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PEQ 143, 2011

PEQ 143_1Number 1, March 2011


Zvi C. Koren, Extracting Thousands of Years of Colorful Dye History Through Analytical Science, 1-3

Notes and News
, 3-6

Obituary: Ehud Netzer 1934-2010
(David M. Jacobson), 6-7

Marcus Milwright, An Arabic Description of the Activities of Antique Dealers in Late Ottoman Damascus, 8-18
Horton Harris, The Location of Ziklag: Its Identification by Felix Fabri, 19-30
Moshe Sharon, The Arabic Inscription on Abū ‘Ubayda’s Shrine, 31-40
Mohammad Nassar & Nizar Turshan, Geometrical Mosaic Pavements of the Church of Bishop Leontios at Ya‘amun (Northern Jordan), 41-62
Khaled Al-Bashaireh, Abdullah Al-Shorman, Jerome C. Rose & A.J. Timothy Jull, Chronological Reconstruction of Natfieh Tombs, Northern Jordan, 63-75

R. Anderson, Baalbek, 2006 (Julian Bowsher), 76
P.J. Parr, The Levant in Transition (Simon Denham), 77

Acknowledgements, 78


Monograph coverNumber 2,  July 2011       



Philip Davies, Mysterious Books from Jordan, 79-84

Notes and News, 84-86


Alexander Zukerman and David Ben-Shlomo, Mortaria as a Foreign Element in the Material Culture of the Southern Levant During the 8th - 7th Centuries BCE, 87-105     

Israel Finkelstein, Tel el-Ful Revisited: The Assyrian and Hellenistic Periods (with a New Identification),106-118                                                                         

Horton Harris. The Location of Ziklag: A Review of the Candidate Sites, Based on Biblical, topographical and Archaeological Evidence, 119-133                                                

Bart Wagemakers and Joan E. Taylor, New Photographs of the Qumran Excavations from 1954 and Interpretations of L.77 and L89, 134-156


W.Ball, Asia in Europe and the Making of the West, Volume I: Out of Arabia: Phoenicians, Arabs and the Discovery of Europe (Felicity Cobbing), 157-159                                   

J. Mather, Pashas: Travellers and Traders in the Islamic World (John R. Bartlett), 159-160

Z.T. Fiema and J Frosen, Petra - The Mountain of Aaron. Vol. I. The Church and the Chapel (Zeyad Al-Salameen), 160-161

Acknowledgements, 162



Monograph coverNumber 3, October 2011                                                                         


John F. Healey, On Stone and Papyrus: Reflections on Nabataean Epigraphy, 163-165

Notes and News, 166


Nabil L. Khairy, The Mada'in Saleh Monuments and the Function and Date of the Khazneh in Petra, 167-175                                                                                                  Andreas J.M. Kropp, Nabataean Dushara (Dusares) - and Overlooked Cuirassed God, 176-197                                                                                                                            Avraham Faust, The Excavations at Tel 'Eton (2006-2009): A Preliminary Report, 198-224

Report                                                                                                              Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the Palestine Exploration Fund, 16 June 2011, 225-230

Review                                                                                                                             R. Etienne and J-F Salles, 'Iraq al-Amir, Guide historique et archeologique du domaine des Tobiades (Guides archeologiques de l'institut francais du Proche-Orient 8) (Philippe Guillaume), 231

Acknowledgements, 232


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