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PEQ 142, 2010

Number 3, November 2010PEQ cover 142/3

Notes and News, 155

Urban C. von Wahlde, The Nature and History of the Birkat Isra'il and its Relation to the Pool 'With the Expanse of the Sea' (Sir 50: 3): Rereading Charles Warren, 159-181

Mohammad Nassar and Zeidoun Al-Muheisen, Geometric Mosaic Pavements of Yasileh in Jordan, 182-198

Ruth Kark and Seth J. Frantzman, The Protestant Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Englishwomen,and a Land Transaction in Late Ottoman Palestine, 199-216


The Si'a Valley Survey (Andrea Zerbini), 217-221

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Palestine Exploration Fund, 10 June 2010, 222-229

R.Cohen, Saving the Holy Sepulchre: How Rival Christians Came Together to
Rescue their Holiest Shrine
(Rodney Aist), 230-1

Y.Garfinkel & D.Ben-Shlomo, Sha'ar HaGolan 2: The Rise of Urban Concepts in the Ancient Near East (Rachel Bichener), 231

Acknowledgements, 232


Number 2, July 2010PEQ 142/2 cover

Editorial: Museums, Collections and Archives: Confronting the Past, Facing the Future
(John Green), 77-78

Notes and News
, 78

Shay Bar, Early Bronze Age I 'Um Hammad Ware': A Study in Regionalism, 82-94
Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel, A Re-Appraisal of the Archaeological Findings at Tel Hashash: On the Archaeology of the Yarqon Estuary from Classical Times to Late Antiquity, 95-126
Salah H. Al-Houdalieh, The Sacred Place of Sheikh Shihab Ed-Din, 127-141

Excavations at Early Bronze I Al-Basatîn in Wadi Ziqlab, Northern Jordan (Kevin Gibbs), 142-144
Nazareth Archaeological Project 2009, Nazareth, Israel (Ken Dark), 144-145

C.M. Whiting, Complexity and Diversity in the Late Iron Age Southern Levant: The Investigations of 'Edomite' Archaeology and Scholarly Discourse (Juan Manuel Tebes), 146-151
J.R. Bartlett, Mapping Jordan through Two Millennia (Claudine Dauphin), 151-153

Correction and supplement to Kay Prag, 'Crystal-M. Bennett OBE, BA, D.LITT., FSA: A Memoir' (PEQ 142:1, 43-62) (Graeme Auld), 154


Number 1, March 2010Cover image: Ruins of the Crusader Church of Sandahannah (or  St.Anne) near Beit Jibrin. Henry Phillips, 1866 (PEF/P/527)

Editorial: Early Iron Age Judah in the Light of Recent Discoveries at Khirbet Qeiyafa (Jonathan Tubb), 1-2

Notes and News, 3

Nikos Kokkinos, North or South Tiberias?, 7-23
Joe Uziel, Middle Bronze Age Ramparts: Functional and Symbolic Structures, 24-30
Saad Twaissi, Fawzi Abudanh & Qais Twaissi, The Identity of the Nabataean 'Painted House' Complex at Baidha, North-West Petra, 31-42
Kay Prag, Crystal-M. Bennett OBE, BA, D.LITT. FSA: A Memoir, 43-63
Jeffrey A. Blakeley, A Note on Henry Timberlake's Route from Gaza to Beersheba to Hebron in 1601, 64-68


A. Mazar, Excavations at Tel Beth Shean 1989-1996. Volume I: From the Late Bronze Age IIB to the Medieval Period (Peter James), 69-71
P.B. Duggan, Saluki - the Desert Hound and the English Travelers who Brought it to the West. (Ashley Jones), 71-72
M.A. Chancey, Greco-Roman Culture and the Galilee of Jesus (David M. Jacobson), 72-73
G. Scheltema, Megalithic Jordan: An Introduction and Field Guide (Ashley Jones), 73-74

Acknowledgements, 75-76


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