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PEQ 141, 2009

Photograph%3A View of Jezeirat al Fara 'un (Island of the Pharaohs) and the Gulf of Aqaba (Frank Mason Good%2C 1866-1867)Number 1, March 2009

Editorial: Alexandrian Influence in Art and Architecture, 1-2

Notes and News, 3

Rupert L. Chapman III, Putting Sheshonq I in his Place, 4-17
Zohar Amar, Šmn Rahus, 18-26
John R. Bartlett, The Representation of the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba on Maps from Peutinger to the Survey of Sinai 1868-69, 27-66

Jennifer Bradbury, The Homs Cairn Survey (1 June-13 July 2008), 67-71


A. Faust, Israel’s Ethnogenesis: Settlement, Interaction, Expansion and Resistance (John Green), 72-73
O. Guri-Rimon et al., The Great Revolt in the Galilee (David Jacobson), 73-75

Acknowledgements, 76


PEQ 141/2 cover Number 2, July 2009

Editorial: Gold Hoard from Jerusalem (David M. Jacobson), 79-80

Notes and News, 80-85

Obituary: Father Michelle Piccirillo, 1944-2008 (K.D. Politis), 86

Garth Gilmour, An Iron Age II Pictorial Inscription from Jerusalem Illustrating Yahweh and Asherah, 87-103
Adam Zertal, Dror Ben-Yosef, Oren Cohen and Ron Be'eri, Kh. 'Aujah el-Foqa (Ataroth) - An Iron Age Fortified City in the Jordan Valley, 104-123
Ziony Zevit, Is there an Archaeological Case for Phantom Settlements in the Persian Period?, 127-137
Michael Brown, Ancestral Veneration and the Settlement History of Tell Sukas, 138-151

M.C. Davis, Dame Kathleen Kenyon: Digging up the Holy Land (John R. Bartlett), 152

Acknowledgements, 153


PEQ 141.3Number 3, November 2009

Editorial: The Chronology of the Iron Age in the Southern Levant (Rupert L.Chapman III), 157-158

Notes and News, 158-159

Itzhaq Shai, David Ilan and Raz Kletter, An Aegean Fire-stand from Tel Nagila, 160-166

Green, John D.M. Archaeology and Politics in the Holy Land: The Life and Career of P.L.O. Guy, 167-187

Alexander Fantalkin and Oren Tal, Re-discovering the Iron Age Fortress at Tell Qudadi in the Context of the Neo-Assyrian Imperialistic Policies, 188-206

Israel Finkelstein and Lily Singer-Avitz, The Pottery of Khirbet En-Nahas: A Rejoinder, 207-218


Aerial Archaeology in Jordan, 2008: 11th Year and 14th Season (D. Kennedy & R. Bewley), 219-221

Publication of the Zoara Survey and Excavations in the Ghor es-Safi, Jordan (K.D. Politis &  L.A. Martin), 221-222

Finding George and Agnes Horsfield in Jordan (A. Thornton), 222-223

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 224-232

N. Tromans, The Lure of the East: British Orientalist Painting (Ashley Jones), 233

A.S. Travis, On Chariots with Horses of Fire and Iron. The Excursionists and the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Jaffa to Jerusalem (Michael Schwartz), 233-234

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