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PEQ 139, 2007

PEQ 139/1 cover.  Photograph: 'View of the Roman tombs and forecourt at Samaria-Sebaste where the silver scroll was found' (PEF/P/CROW/SAM: 1931).Number 1, March 2007

Notes and News, 3-4

C. Müller-Kessler, T.C. Mitchell, and M.I. Hockey, An Inscribed Silver Amulet from Samaria, 5-20
Jeffrey A. Blakely, The Location of Medieval/Pre-Modern and Biblical Ziklag, 21-26
Matthew Suriano, A Fresh Reading for 'Aged Wine' in the Samaria Ostraca, 27-34
Roi Porat, Hanan Eshel and Amos Frumkin, Finds from the Bar Kokhma Revolt from Two Caves at En Gedi, 35-54
Magen Broshi, Date Beer and Date Wine in Antiquity, 55-59

Y. Hirschfeld (ed.), Ein Gedi: 'A Very Large Village of Jews' (Sean Kingsley), 60
A. Kloner, Maresha Excavations Final Report I: Subterranean Complexes 21, 44, 70
(David M. Jacobson), 61-62
Y. Olami, S. Sender, and E. Oren, Map of Dor (30) (Sean Kingsley), 62-63

, 64


PEQ 139/2 cover.  Photograph: The Kubbat as-Sakhra from S.R. Corner of Platform (Sgt. James McDonald R.E. 1864-5. PEF/P/4357. Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem Ia)Number 2, July 2007

Editorial: Notes and News, 67

Yifat Thareani-Sussely, The ‘Archaeology of the Days of Manasseh’ Reconsidered in the Light of Evidence from the Beersheba Valley, 69-77
Gershon Galil, David and Hazael: War, Peace, Stones and Memory, 79-84
Graham Hagens, Copper Futures and Cabul: On ‘Reconstructing’ the Monarchic Narratives, 85-98
Philip C. Schmitz, Procopius’ Phoenician Inscriptions: Never Lost, Not Found, 99-104
Anthony J. Frendo, Back to the Bare Essentials, ‘Procopius’ Phoenician Inscriptions: Never Lost, Not Found’ – A Response, 105-107
M. Anwarul Islam and Zaid F. Al-Hamad, The Dome of the Rock: Origins of Its Octogonal Plan, 109-128

A. Berlin, Gamla I, The Pottery of the Second Temple Period. The Shmarya Gutman Excavations, 1976-1989 (David Stacey), 129-130
P.M. Daviau et al., Excavations at Tell Jawa, Jordan: Volumes I & II (J. Bjørnar Storfjell, 130-132
K. Galor, J-B. Humbert and J. Zangenberg (eds.), The Site of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Archaeological Interpretations and Debates (Dennis Mizzi), 132-135
R. Hillenbrand (ed.), Image and Meaning in Islamic Art (Archie Walls), 135-139
A.S. Kaufman, The Temple Mount. Where is the Holy of Holies? (Sean Kingsley), 139
T.E. Levy and T. Higham (eds.), The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating: Archaeology, Text and Science (Andrew Oddy), 139-140
J. Tayor, The Englishman, the Moor and the Holy City – The True Adventures of an Elizabethan Traveller (Robyn Thomas), 140-141

Acknowledgements, 143


PEQ 139/3 cover.  Photograph: Jaffa Landing Stage, 2nd December 1917 (Capt. A.Rhodes, ANZAC division. PEF/P/RHODES/085).Number 3, November 2007

David Jacobson, Has Herod’s Place of Burial Been Found?, 147-148
Notes and News, 148

Martin Peilstöcker, Urban Archaeology in Yafo (Jaffa): Prelminary Planning for Excavations and Research of a Mediterranean Port City, 149-165
Lamia el-Khouri, Roman and Byzantine Settlements in the Region of West Irbid, 166-185
Sharon Zuckerman, ‘…Slaying Oxen and Killing Sheep, Eating Flesh and Drinking Wine…’: Feasting in Late Bronze Age Hazor, 186-204
Thomas Amit, Laurence Oliphant: Financial Sources for his Activities in Palestine in the 1880s, 205-212

D. Ussishkin, The Renewed Excavations at Lachish (1973-1994) (Peter James), 213-217
S.G. Rosenberg, Airaq al-Amir, The Architecture of the Tobiads (David Jacobson), 217-219
E. Netzer, The Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder (David Jacobson), 219-223
R.S. Notley and Z. Safrai, Eusebius, Onomasticon: the Place-Names of Divine Scripture, including the Latin edition of Jerome (Joan Taylor), 223-225
J. Folda, Crusader Art in the Holy Land, from the Third Crusade to the Fall of Acre (Lucy-Anne Hunt), 225-228
S. Weir, Embroidery from Palestine (Joan Taylor), 228
Jane Taylor, Jordan: Images from the Air (Robyn Thomas), 229
A. Keohane, Bedouin: Nomads of the Desert (Robyn Thomas), 229-230

Acknowledgements, 231


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