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PEQ 138, 2006

PEQ 138/1 cover. Photograph: 'Face of the rock in whcih are the famous chambers and stables at Arak el-Emir'  (T.R. Dumas, 1875)Number 1, April 2006

Notes and News, 3-4

Inya Berelov, The Antelope Jar from Zahrat Adh-Dhra' I in Jordan: Cultural and Chronological Implications of a Rare Zoomorphic Incised Decoration from the MB II Period, 5-12
Soren Blau, An Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from Two Middle Bronze Age Tombs from Jericho, 13-26
John C. Poirier, David's 'Hatred' for the Lame and the Blind (2 SAM. 5.8A), 27-34
Stephen G. Rosenberg, Felicien de Saulcy and the Rediscovery of Tyros in Jordan, 35-42
Rehav Rubin, Relief Maps and Models in the Archives of the Palestine Exploration Fund in London, 43-64

Matthew R. Whincop, A New Look at Ceramic Regions: The Case for More-Complex Societies in Iron Age Syria, 65
Andrew Shaw, The Paleolithic Settlement History of Syria as Contained in Terrace Deposits of Major River Systems, 65-66
J.V. Jezierski, Bonfils, Palestine and the Photocrom Companies, 66-67

C. Souyoudzoglou-Haywood, Cypriot Antiquities in Dublin: The collections of the National Museum of Ireland and University College Dublin (David Symonds), 69-70
B. Routledge, Moab in the Iron Age: Hegemony, Polity, Archaeology
(Diana Edelman), 70-71
I. Lee Levine, Jerusalem, Portrait of the City in the Second Temple Period (538 BCE-70 CE)
(Stephen G. Rosenberg), 71-72
S. Kingsley, Encyclopaedia of Underwater Archaeology: Barbarian Sees: Late Rome to Islam, and S.A. Kingsley, Shipwreck Archaeology of the HolyLand: Processes and Parameters
(Roberta Tomber), 72-74
I. Ruben (ed.), The Petra Siq: Nabataean Hydrology Uncovered
(Jim Green), 74-75
A. Sartre-Fauriat, Les Voyages dans le Hawran (Syrie de Sud) de William John Bankes (1816 et 1818) (Patricia Usick), 75-76
D. Gavish, A Survey of Palestine under the British Mandate, 1920-1948
(Peter Chasseaud), 76-77

, 78-80


PEQ 138/2 cover: 'Church and convent at Umm el-Jimaal, in the southwest corner of the town' (T.R. Dumas, 1875. PEF/P/1679)Number 2, October 2006

Notes and News, 83-84

Peter James, Dating Late Iron Age Ekron (Tel Miqne), 85-98
David M. Jacobson, The Northern Palace at Masada--Herod's Ship of the Desert?, 99-118
Manfred Lindner, Quarries and Pottery at Ancient Sabra (Jordan), 119-124
Salah Said, Two New Greek Inscriptions with the Name Ytwr from Umm Al-Jimal, 125-132
Yaron Perry and Efraim Lev, Ernest William Gurney Masterman, British Physician and Scholar in the Holy Land, 133-146

T.P. Harrison, Megiddo 3: Final Report on the Stratum VI Excavations (John D.M. Green), 149-151
G. Markoe, ed., Petra Rediscovered: Lost City of the Nabataeans (Julian Bowsher), 151-153
J.F. Wilson, Caesarea Philippi: Banias, The Lost City of Pan (David M. Jacobson), 153-154
J. Nicholson, The Hejaz Railway (Julian Bowsher), 154-156
S. Loffreda, Ceramica del Tempo di Gesù: Vasi della Terra Santa nel periodo romano antico 63 aC-70 dC and Light and Life: Ancient Christian Oil Lamps of the Holy Land (Claudine Dauphin), 156-160
J. Zarins, The Land of Incense – Archaeological Work in the Governorate of Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman, 1990-1995 (Andrew Thompson), 160
C.L. Wooley and T.E. Lawrence, The Wilderness of Zin (revised 3rd ed.) (Caroline Cartwright), 161-162
Victoria Clark, Holy Fire: The Battle for Christ's Tomb (Joan E. Taylor), 162-164

Acknowledgements, 165-166

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