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PEQ 137, 2005

PEQ 137/1 cover: 'The Entrance of Qasr Mushalta, near Amman, Jordan' (T.R. Dumas, 1875. PEF P1705) Number 1, April 2005     

Notes and News, 3-4

In Memoriam
Peter Ackroyd (Richard Coggins), 5
Barbara Craig (Claudine Dauphin), 6-7
Henk J. Franken (Monique Vilders). 7-8
Greville Stewart Parker Freeman-Grenville (Stephen Day), 8   

Felicity J. Cobbing,  The American Palestine Exploration Society and the Survey of Eastern Palestine, 9-22
Rachael Thyrza Sparks, The Lost Loci of Tell El-'Ajjul:  Petrie's Area C, 23-30
B.A. Mastin,  A Note on Some Inscriptions and Drawings from Kuntillet 'Ajrud, 31-32
Manfred Lindner, Water Supply and Water Management at Ancient Sabra, Jordan, 33-52   
Benjamin Adam Saidel and Gary Christopherson, Four Days at Khalasa:  Using Aerial Photography and GIS Analysis to Reappraise Woolley and Lawrence's Survey of Byzantine Elusa in the Western Negev Desert, 53-64
Tony Goodwin, Seventh-Century Coins in the Palestine Exploration Fund Collection, 65-76

Bob Bewley and David Kennedy, Aerial Archaeology in Jordan 2004, 77-78
T.W. Davis, Shifting Sands: The Rise and Fall of Biblical Archaeology (R.L. Chapman III), 79-80
C. Lilyquist (with contributions by J.E. Hoch and A.J. Pede), The Tomb of Three Foreign Wives of Thutmosis III (E.P. Uphill), 80-82
P. Kaswalder, Onomastica Biblica: fonti scritti e ricerca archeologica (Joan E. Taylor), 82-83

Acknowledgements, 85-87


PEQ 137/2 cover. Photograph: 'The caves at Qumran' (Jornathan Tubb, 1972)Number 2, October 2005

Notes and News, 91-92

In Memoriam
Peter Roger Stuart Moorey (1937-2004): In Homage (Claudine Dauphin), 93-98

Caroline Cartwright, The Bronze Age Wooden Tomb Furniture from Jericho: The Microscopical Reconstruction of a Distinctive Carpentry Tradition, 99-138
Avraham Faust and Ze'ev Safrai, Salvage Excavation as a Source for Reconstructing Settlement History in Ancient Israel, 139-158
Joan E. Taylor, Kaare L. Rasmussen, Gregory Doudna, Johannes van der Plicht and Helge Egsgaard, Qumran Textiles in the Palestine Exploration Fund, London: Radiocarbon Dating Results, 159-168
Lamia El-Khouri and David J. Johnson, A New Nabataean Inscription from Wadi Mataha, Petra, 169-174

G.I. Davies et al., Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions, Volume 2: Corpus and Concordance (John F. Healey), 175
S. Gibson, The Cave of John the Baptist: The First Archaeological Evidence of the Historical Reality of the Gospel Story (Joan E. Taylor), 175-181
D. Stacey, Excavations at Tiberias, 1973-1974: The Early Islamic Periods (Alison McQuitty), 182
C.E. Rothenberg, Spirits of Palestine: Gender, Society and Stories of the Jinn (Carol Palmer), 182-183
D.R. Edwards (ed.), Religion and Society in Roman Palestine: Old Questions, New Approaches (David M. Jacobson), 184-185

Acknowledgements, 187-189   

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