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PEQ 136, 2004

PEQ 136/1 cover. Photograph: Date Palms in Southern Israel, 1970sNumber 1, April 2004

Notes and News, 3-4

Ilan Shachar, The Historical and Numismatic Significance of Alexander Jannaeus' Later Coinage as Found in Archaeological Excavations, 5-34
F. Nigel Hepper and Joan E. Taylor, Date Palms and Opobalsam in the Madaba Mosaic Map, 35-44
David Milson, The Stratum IB Building at Hammat Tiberias: Synagogue or Church?, 45-56
Brian Schultz, The Archaological Heritage of the Jerusalem Protestant Cemetery on Mount Zion, 57-74

Reports, 75-78

Reviews, 79-90

Acknowledgements, 91-93


PEQ 136/2 cover. Photograph: The 'Tomb of Absalom', Jerusalem (Robertson & Beato, 1875, PEF/P1975)Number 2, October 2004

Notes and News, 97-98

Oded Lipschits, The Rural Settlement of Judah in the Sixth Century B.C.E.: A Rejoinder, 99-108
Eyal Regev, Family Burial, Family Structure and the Urbanization of Herodian Jerusalem, 109-132
Yihzar Hirschfeld, A Climatic Change in the Early Byzantine Period? Some Archaeological Evidence, 133-150
Efraim Lev and Yaron Perry, Dr Thomas Chaplin, Scientist and Scholar in Nineteenth-Century Palestine, 151-162

Stephan Schmid, The International Wadi Farasa Project (IWFP), 163-186

B. Olsson and M. Zetterholm (eds.), The Ancient Synagogue from Its Origins until 200 c.e.: Papers Presented at an International Conference at Lund University, Oct. 14-17, 2001 (Stephen Rosenberg), 187-189
J. Wilkinson, From Synagogue to church, the Traditional Design (Stephen Rosenberg), 190-193

Acknowledgements, 194-198

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