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PEQ 135, 2003

PEQ 135/1 cover.  Photograph: Gezer Excavations 1902-1909: The Water Tank on the East Hill (J.Hanauer)Number 1, June 2003

Notes and News, 1


Henk J. Franken, A.D. Tushingham and K.M. Kenyon: An Appreciation, 4-5
Russell B. Adams, External Influences at Faynan During the Early Bronze Age: A Re-Analysis of Building I at Barqa El-Hetiye, Jordan, 6-21
Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron, Notes on the Gezer Water System, 22-29
Yoel Elitzur and Doron Nir-Zvi, A Rock-Hewn Altar Near Shiloh, 30-36
Avraham Faust, Judah in the Sixth Century BCE, 37-53
Orit Peleg, Roman Intaglio Gemstones from Aelia Capitolina, 54-69

Report, 70

Reviews, 71-78

Acknowledgements, 79-84


PEQ 135/2 cover.  Photograph: General view of Druze country looking north towards Shabha (Duncan Mackenzie, 1910-1912. PEF/P/MACK/327)Number 2, December 2003

Notes and News, 85-87

Samantha Eames, Between 'The Desert and the Sown': The Hauran as a Frontier Zone in the Middle Bronze Age, 88-107
Alexander Fantalkin and Oren Tal, The 'Yannai Line' (BJ I, 99-100, AJ XIII, 390-91): Reality or Fiction?, 108-123
Zohar Amar and Yaron Serri, Ibn Al-Suri, Physician and Botanist of Al-Sham, 124-130
Felicity J. Cobbing, The Dickenson and Langley Photographic Archives: Two New Collections at the Palestine Exploration Fund, 131-134

Reviews, 135-139

Report, 140-141

Annual General Meeting 2003
, 142-147

Acknowledgements, 148-150

Index to Volumes 96-132 (1964-2000) (Elizabeth Fowler), 151-178

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