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PEQ 134, 2002

PEQ 134/1 cover. Photograph: Basalt lion at the Iron Age temple at 'Ain Dara, Syria (F.Cobbing)Number 1, June 2002

Notes and News, 1

Stephen J. Bourke, The Origins of Social Complexity in the Southern Levant: New Evidence from Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan, 2-27
Yigal Levin, The Search for Moresheth-Gath: A New Proposal, 28-36
Anthony J. Frendo, Two Long-Lost Phoenician Inscriptions and the Emergence of Ancient Israel, 37-43
Judith S. McKenzie, †Sheila Gibson, and A.T. Reyes, Reconstruction of the Nabataean Temple Complex at Khirbet Et-Tannur, 44-83

Review article
David M. Jacobson, Placing Herod the Great and His Works in Context, 84-91

Acknowledgements, 92


PEQ 134/2 cover.  Photograph: The freshwater pool at 'Ain Feshka, looking East (Francis G. Newton, 1911)Number 2, December 2002

Notes and News, 97

Caroline Cartwright, Grape and Grain: Dietary Evidence from an Early Bronze Age Store at Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, Jordan, 98-117
Israel Finkelstein, Chronology Rejoinders, 118-129
Favian E. Udoh, Jewish Antiquities XIV.205, 207-208 and 'The Great Plain', 130-143
Joan E. Taylor, Khirbet Qumran in the Nineteenth Century and the Name of the Site, 144-164
Philip C. Hammond, A Note on a Zodiac Lamp from Petra, 165-168
Felicity Cobbing, The Cedric Norman Johns Archive in the Collections of the Palestine Exploration Fund, 169-172

Reviews, 173-179

Report, 180-181

Annual General Meeting 2002, 182-186

Acknowledgements, 187-188

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