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PEQ 133, 2001

Number 1, June 2001

Notes and News, 1

J.A. Emerton, Were the Lachish Letters Sent to or From Lachish?, 2-15
Gershon Galil, A Re-Arrangement of the Fragments of the Tel Dan Inscription and the Relations Between Israel and Aram, 16-21
David M. Jacobson, Three Roman Client Kings: Herod of Judaea, Archelaus of Cappadocia and Juba of Mauretania, 22-38
Eyal Regev, The Individual Meaning of Jewish Ossuaries: A Socio-Anthropological Perspective on Burial Practice, 39-49
Nicholas C. Vella and Rupert L. Chapman III, Harris Dunscombe Colt in Malta, 50-55

Reviews, 56-72

Reports, 73



Number 2, December 2001

Notes and News, 77

Liora Kolska Horwitz, Animal Offerings in the Middle Bronze Age: Food for the Gods, Food for Thought, 78-90
Justin S.E.Lev-Tov and Edward F. Maher, Food in Late Bronze Funerary Offerings: Faunal Evidence from Tomb 1 at Tell Dothan, 91-110
Eveline J. van der Steen, Putting Khirbet Balamah on the Archaeological Map, 111-131
Nicola Schreiber, A Word of Caution: Black-on-Red Pottery at Tel Mevorakh in the 'Tenth' Century B.C., 132-135
Chaim Ben-David, The 'Ascent to Luhith' and the 'Road to Horonaim': New Evidence for Their Identification, 136-144
Boaz Zissu, The Identification of the Copper Scroll's Kahelet at 'Ein Samiya in the Samarian Desert, 145-158
Stephan G. Schmid, The International Wadi Farasa Project (IWFP), 159-197

Reviews, 198-211

Annual General Meeting 2001, 212-214

Acknowledgements, 215-216

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