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PEQ 131, 1999

Number 1, June 1999

Notes and News, 1-2

Graham Davies, A Samaritan Inscription with an Expanded Text of the Shema, 3-19
J.A. Emerton, How Many Months Are Mentioned in the Gezer Calendar?, 20-23
Anthony J. Frendo, A New Punic Inscription from Zetun (Malta) and the Goddess Anat-Astarte, 24-35
A. Nigel Goring-Morris (with appendices by P. Goldberg and Y. Goren, U. Baruch, and D.E. Bar-Yosef), Saflulim: A Late Natufian Base Camp in the Central Negev Highlands, Israel, 36-64
Nadav Na'aman, The Fire Signals of Lachish Revisited, 65-67
Beno Rothenberg, Archaeo-Metallurgical Researches in the Southern Arabah Part I: Late Pottery Neolithic to Early Bronze IV, 68-89

Reviews, 90-98

Acknowledgements, 99-100

Number 2, December 1999

Notes and News, 101

John R. Bartlett, Edomites and Idumaeans, 102-114
Shimon Gibson, British Archaeological Institutions in Mandatory Palestine 1917-1948, 115-143
Amihai Mazar, The Bull Site and 'Einun Pottery Reconsidered, 144-148
Beno Rothenberg, Archaeometallurgical Researches in the Southern Arabah. Part 2: Egyptian New Kingdom (Ramesside) to Early Islam, 149-175
Eveline J. van der Steen, Survival and Adaptation: Life East of the Jordan in the Transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age, 176-192

Reviews, 176-192

Reports, 200-201

Annual General Meeting, 1999, 201-205

Acknowledgements, 205-208

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