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PEQ 130, 1998

Number 1, June 1998

Notes and News, 1-2

Zohar Amar, The Production of Salt and Sulphur from the Dead Sea Region in the Tenth Century According to At-Tamimi, 3-7
Doron Bar, Aelia Capitolina and the Location of the Camp of the Tenth Legion, 8-19
Meredith S. Chesson, Preliminary Results of Excavations at Tell El-Handaduq South (1993-1996), 20-34
J.S. McKenzie, A.T. Reyes and A. Schmidt-Colinet (with an appendix by J.R. Green), Faces in the Rock at Petra and Medain Saleh, 35-50

Review Articles
Dan Bahat, Two Recent Studies of the Archaeology of Jerusalem, 51-62
Claudine M. Dauphin, Illness and Healing, 63-67

Reviews, 68-86

, 86-90

Acknowledgements, 91-92


Number 2, December 1998

Notes and News, 93

Israel Finkelstein, Two Notes on Northern Samaria: The 'Einun Pottery and the Date of the Bull Site, 94-98
Rafael Frankel, Some Notes on the Work of the Survey of Western Palestine in Western Galilee, 99-105
Rachel Hachlili, Iconographic Elements of Nilotic Scenes on Byzantine Mosaic Pavements in Israel, 106-120
Niccolo Marchetti, Lorenzo Nigro and Issa Sarie, Preliminary Report of the First Season of Excavations of the Italian-Palestinian Expedition at Tell Es-Sultan/Jericho, April-May 1997, 121-144
James L. Phillips, Anna Belfer-Cohen and Iman N. Saga, A Collection of Natufian Bone Artefacts from Old Excavations at Kebara and El-Wad, 145-153
Carey Walsh and Jeffrey R. Zorn, New Insights from Old Wine Presses, 154-161

Review Article
Anthony J. Frendo, Ancient Israel - An Invention?, 162-165

Reviews and Reports, 166-177

Annual General Meeting 1998, 177-181

Acknowledgements, 181-184

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