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PEQ 128, 1996

Number 1, June 1996

Notes and News, 1-2

Nurit Feig, New Discoveries in the Rephaim Valley, Jerusalem, 3-7
Anthony J. Frendo, The Particles Beth and Waw and the Periodic Structure of the Nora Stone Inscription, 8-11
Burton Macdonald, The Route of the Via Nova Traiana Immediately South of Wadi Al Hasa, 12-15
Jonathan N. Tubb, Peter G. Dorrell and Felicity J, Cobbing, Interim Report on the Eighth (1995) Season of Excavation at Tell es Sa'idiyeh, 16-40
H.G.M. Williamson, Tell Jezreel and the Dynasty of Omri, 41-51

Boaz Zissu, A Graffito Depicting a Horseman from the Judaean Foothills, 52-56

Review Articles
Stephen Bourke, Megiddo, City-State and Royal Centre, 57-62
Peter Parr, The Architecture of Petra, 63-70

Reviews, 71-87

Reports, 87-90

Acknowledgements, 90-92


Number 2, December 1996

Notes and News
, 93

Rupert L. Chapman III and Shimon Gibson, A Note on T.E. Lawrence as Photographer in the Wilderness of Zin, 94-102
Haim Goren and Rehav Rubin, Conrad Schick's Models of Jerusalem and Its Monuments, 103-124
Jum'a Kareem, A Newly Discovered Tombstone from North Shuneh, Jordan, 125-130
Stephany Leach and Elizabeth Rega, Interim Report on the Human Skeletal Material Recovered from the 1995 Tell Es Sa'idyieh Excavations, Areas BB and DD, 131-138
Nicoletta Momigliano, Duncan Mackenzie and the Palestine Exploration Fund, 139-170

Reviews, 171-186

Annual General Meeting, 1996, 187-190

Acknowledgements, 191-192

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