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PEQ 127, 1995

Number 1, June 1995

Notes and News, 1

Zvi Abbells and Asher Arbit, Some New Thoughts on Jerusalem’s Ancient Water Systems, 2-7
Russell Adams and Hermann Genz, Excavations at Wadi Fidan 4: A Chalcolithic Village Complex in the Copper Ore District of Feinan, Southern Jordan, 8-20
David Kennedy, The Publications of the Princeton University Archaeological Expeditions to Syria in 1904-5 and 1909 Relating to Southern Syria, 21-32
A.D. Petersen, Khirbat Ja’thun: An Ottoman Farmhouse in Western Galilee, 33-40
Bruce Routledge, ‘For the Sake of Argument’: Reflections on the Structure of Argumentation in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, 41-49
Avinoam Shalem, Bi’r Al-Waraqa: Legend and Truth: A Note on Medieval Sacred Geography, 50-61
N. Wyatt, Jonathan’s Adventure and a Philological Conundrum, 62-69

Reviews, 70-84

Reports, 85-88

Acknowledgements, 89-91


Number 2, December 1995

Shimon Gibson and Rupert L. Chapman, The Mediterranean Hotel in Nineteenth-Century Jerusalem, 93-105
Haim Goren, An Imaginary European Concept of Jerusalem in a Late Sixteenth-Century Model, 106-121
Chang-Ho C. Ji, Iron Age I in Central and Northern Transjordan: An Interim Summary of Archaeological Data, 122-140
Eveline Van Der Steen, Aspects of Nomadism and Settlement in the Central Jordan Valley, 141-158
John Wilkinson, The Inscription on the Jerusalem Ship Drawing, 159-160

Review Article
Graham Philip, Jawa and Tell Um Hammad – Two Early Bronze Age Site in Jordan, 161-170

Reviews, 171-177

Report, 177

Annual General Meeting 1995, 178-181

Acknowledgements, 182-184

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