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PEQ 126, 1994

Number 1, June 1994

Notes and News, 1

Gershon Edelstein and Ianir Milevski, The Rural Settlement of Jerusalem Re-Evaluated: Surveys and Excavations in the Reph'aim Valley and Mevassert Yerushalayim, 2-23
Dov Gavish, French Cartography of the Holy Land in the Nineteenth Century, 24-31
William Horbury, The 'Caiaphas' Ossuaries and Joseph Caiaphas, 32-48
Michael M. Shurman, Wilson Bench Marks in the Old City of Jerusalem, 49-51
Jonathan N. Tubb and Peter G. Dorrell, Tell es-Sa'idiyeh 1993: Interim Report on the Seventh Season of Excavations, 52-67

Review Article
Claudine Dauphin, The Cities of the Byzantine Negev, 68-70

Reviews, 71-86

Report, 86-89

Acknowledgements, 90-92


Number 2, July to December 1994

Notes and News, 93

F. Nigel Hepper and Shimon Gibson, Abraham's Oak of Mamre: The Story of a Venerable Tree, 94-105
Lucy-Anne Hunt, The Byzantine Mosaics of Jordan in Context: Remarks on Imagery, Donors and Mosaicists, 106-126
Ruba Kana'an and Alison McQuitty, The Architecture of Al-Qasr on the Kerak Plateau: An Essay in the Chronology of Vernacular Architecture, 127-153
David Livingston, Further Considerations on the Location of Bethel at El-Bireh, 154-159

Review Article
W.G. Lambert, The Mari Texts and the Old Testament, 160-163

Reviews, 164-176

Annual General Meeting 1994, 177-180

Acknowledgements, 181-183

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