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PEQ 125, 1993

Number 1, June 1993

Notes and News, 1-2

Dan Barag, King Herod's Royal Castle at Samaria-Sebaste, 3-18
Isaac Gilead, Upper Palaeolithic Sites in the Ramat Matred Area, 19-42
Konstantinos D. Politis, The Stepped Dam at Wadi El-Jilat, 43-49
Jonathan N. Tubb and Peter G. Dorrell, Tell es-Sa'idiyeh: Interim Report on the Sixth Season of Excavations, 50-74

Review Article
Stephen Bourke, The Field I Caves at Gezer, 75-77

Reviews, 78-84

Reports, 84-89

Acknowledgements, 90-92


Number 2, December 1993

Notes and News, 93-94

Peter G. Dorrell, The Spring at Jericho from Early Photographs, 95-115
Judith M. Hadley, Kuntillet 'Ajrud: Religious Centre or Desert Way Station?, 115-124
Richard S. Hess, Early Israel in Canaan: A Survey of Recent Evidence and Interpretations, 125-142
Steven A. Rosen and Glenn A. Goodfriend, An Early Date for Gaza Ware from the Northern Negev, 143-148
Monique M.E. Vilders, Some Remarks on the Production of Cooking Pots in the Jordan Valley, 149-156

Reviews, 157-178

Report, 178

Annual General Meeting 1993, 179-182

Acknowledgements, 183-184

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