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PEQ 124, 1992

Number 1, June 1992

Notes and News, 1-3

Rupert Chapman, A Stone Toilet Seat Found in Jerusalem in 1925, 4-8
Shimon Dar and Nikos Kokkinos, The Greek Inscriptions from Senaim on Mount Hermon, 9-25
Shimon Gibson, The Tell Sandahannah Ship Graffito Reconsidered, 26-30
David Milson, The Bronze Age Temples at Troy (VI C) and Hazor (Area H): A Design Analogy, 31-41
Baruch Rosen and Israel Finkelstein, Subsistence Patterns, Carrying Capacity and Settlement Oscillations in the Negev Highlands, 42-58

Review Articles
Stephen Bourke, Excavations in the Iron Age Extra-Mural Quarter on the South-East Hill of Jerusalem, 59-62
Peter Dorrell, Two Atlases of the Holy Land, 63-65

Reviews, 66-78

Reports, 78-82

Acknowledgements, 82-85


Number 2, December 1992

Notes and News, 87-89

P.R.S. Moorey, 'Kathleen Kenyon in Retrospect.' British Women in Near Eastern Archaeology: Kathleen Kenyon and the Pioneers, 91-100
John Wilkes, Kathleen Kenyon in Roman Britain, 101-108
Kay Prag, Kathleen Kenyon and Archaeology in the Holy Land, 109-123
T.C. Mitchell, The Music of the Old Testament Reconsidered, 124-143

Review Article
Anthony J. Frendo, Five Recent Books on the Emergence of Ancient Israel, 144-151

Reviews, 152-160

Reports, 160-162

Annual General Meeting 1992, 163-167

Acknowledgements, 168-172

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