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PEQ 132, 2000

Number 1, June 2000

Notes and News, 1

Avraham Faust, Ethnic Complexity in Northern Israel During Iron Age II, 2-27
David Kennedy, Relocating the Past: Missing Inscriptions from Qasr El-Hallabat and the Air Photographs of Sir Aurel Stein for Transjordan, 28-36
Aren M. Maeir, The Political and Economic Status of MB II Hazor and MB II Trade: An Inter- and Intra-Regional View, 37-58
Rehav Rubin, When Jerusalem Was Built in St Louis: A Large-Scale Model of Jerusalem in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904, 59-70

Review Article: Claudine M. Dauphin, The Roman Baths of Hammat Gader, 71-75

Reviews, 76-87

Reports, 87-88

Acknowledgements, 89-92

Number 2, December 2000

Notes and News, 93

Jane Callander and Ofer Bar-Yosef, Saving Mount Carmel Caves: A Cautionary Tale for Archaeology in Our Times, 94-112
Shimon Gibson, Conrad Schick (1822-1901), The Palestine Exploration Fund and an 'Archaic Hebrew' Inscription from Jerusalem, 113-122
Philip C. Hammond, 'Mason's Marks' and other Archaeological Signs, 123-130
Lucy-Anne Hunt, Crusader Sculpture and the So-Called 'Templar Workshop': A Reassessment of Two Carved Panels from the Dome of the Rock in the Haram Al-Sharif Museum in Jerusalem, 131-136
Robert D. Miller II, A Survey of Overlooked Potential Iron I Sites in North-Central Palestine, 157-168
Kay Prag, Bethlehem: A Site Assessment, 169-181

Reviews, 182-188

, 189-191

Annual General Meeting 2000, 192-196

Acknowledgements, 197-199

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