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Portrait of Sheikh Khalil Senaah at Kerak. C. A. Hornstein, 1895-1899.The PEF’s collection of photographs dates from the 1850s to the present day and reflects the wide range of interests of those involved with the organisation throughout this period. At the heart of the collection are the PEF’s own 19th century photographs, taken by Sgt. James MacDonald during Ordnance Surveys of Jerusalem (1864-5) and Sinai (1868) and by Sgt. Henry Phillips for the surveys of Warren in the 1870s.  

Wady Feiran in the Sinai Desert. F. M. Good, 1866-1867.In addition there are photographs taken during the Surveys of Western Palestine, Eastern Palestine, the Wady Arabah, and the Wilderness of Zin, as well as photographs from the PEF’s excavations at Tell el Hesi, Jerusalem, Gezer, and Ain Shems – Beth Shemesh, among others.  

Above right: Portrait of Sheikh Khalil Senaah at Kerak. C. A. Hornstein, 1895-1899. (PEF-P2364).

Above left: Wady Feiran in the Sinai Desert. F. M. Good, 1866-1867 (PEF-P2030).

The PEF also houses a significant collection of donated photographs dating from the 1850s, as well as more commercial images by photographs such as Bonfils, Robertson & Beato, Francis Frith, Frank Mason Good, James Graham, The American Colony, Zangaki, Krikorian and Raad. Many were donated to the PEF by Elizabeth Ann Finn, wife of James Finn, the British Consul in Jerusalem. There are also First World War photographs taken during the Beersheba Campaign, in particular those of Captain Arthur Rhodes of the Canterbury Rifles.

Panoramic photograph of the Mosque of Omar, Haram esh-Sharif. Capt. Arthur Rhodes, 1917

Above: Panoramic photograph of the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar), Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem. Capt. Arthur Rhodes, 1917 (PEF-P-RHODES-111).

Many of the PEF’s photographs from the mid-19th to the early 20th centuries are published in three volumes:

John Garstang at Jericho - PEF-GAR-JER-PN21-2 Photographs from the Mandate Period (1920-1948) include personal collections as well as those associated with archaeological excavations and research. They include photographs taken by John Garstang, John Crowfoot, and Olga Tufnell, and those belonging to the British School of Archaeology at Jerusalem. Garstang’s photographs of his excavations at Jericho in the 1930s provide a superb record. They are often beautiful, well taken, and are very numerous. They continue to give researchers and new excavators of Jericho fresh insights into this important site.
Above right: John Garstang, director of the BSAJ excavations at Jericho (1930-1936). He is shown photographing a recently excavated archaeological deposit (PEF-GAR-JER-PN21-2).

From more recent times we have photographs from independent travellers such as Arthur Langley and Robert Pitt, Derek Riley’s research collection of aerial photographs of archaeological features in Israel, Robert Bewley and David Kennedy’s aerial photographs of archaeological sites in Jordan, and Iain Browning’s photographs of Petra, Jerash, and Palmyra. 

Prints of a number of high resolution photographs from the PEF collection are available for purchase either directly from the PEF, or via the Bridgeman Art Library.

In addition, a selection of low resolution images from the PEF's 19th century photographic collections can be accessed on the Palestine Exploration Fund's pages on Flickr.  You may use any of the images and metadata for teaching and research, but please let us know if you intend to do so by writing to us: Please include in your caption: "Courtesy of the Palestine Exploration Fund". 

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