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01 June 2018
PEF AGM LECTURE 7th JUNE 2018: Batrawy in the 3rd Millennium BC Jordan & the Concept of City in the Southern Levant
08 March 2018
LECTURE 19th April 2018: Holy Lands and Theme Parks: religious visitor attractions worldwide
01 February 2018
LECTURE RE-SCHEDULED FROM 14TH DECEMBER 2017 TO 1ST FEBRUARY 2018: Armageddon and the Roman VIth Ferrata Legion: New Excavations at Legio, Israel, and Early Jewish-Christian-Roman Relations
11 January 2018
JOINT LECTURE WITH CBRL: On the Crusades with Jonathan Riley Smith
07 December 2017
EVANS MEMORIAL LECTURE: The Sunbeam Struck the Roof – a Journey of Discovery in Jerusalem
02 November 2017
LECTURE: Remote Sensing and Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa.
20 September 2017
JOINT LECTURE WITH CBRL: Olga Tufnell - Life of a Petrie Pup
14 September 2017
JOINT LECTURE WITH ASTENE: Solomon N. Negima: A Palestinian Dragoman and his Clients (1885-1933)
08 June 2017
PEF AGM LECTURE: Twenty Years of Survey and Excavations at Zoara in the Ghor as-Safi, Jordan. 1997-2017
24 May 2017
JOINT LECTURE WITH KING'S COLLEGE LONDON: Yahweh Comes from the South Revisited
06 April 2017
LECTURE: The Visible Dead: Dolmen Tombs and the Landscape in Bronze Age Levant
09 March 2017
JOINT LECTURE WITH THE AIAS: New Light on the Palace of the Kings of Israel
12 January 2017
JOINT LECTURE WITH CBRL: Olga Tufnell: Life of a Petrie Pup
15 December 2016
KCL JOINT LECTURE WITH PEF & AIAS: Annual King's Bible and Archaeology Lecture: Tel Lachish and Khirbet Arai: Searching for the early phases of the Kingdom of Judah.
01 December 2016
EVANS MEMORIAL LECTURE JOINTLY WITH ASTENE: Lawrence and the Arab Revolt: Archaeology of a Desert Insurgency 1916-18
03 November 2016
Sir Charles Warren – Royal Engineer extraordinaire
29 October 2016
06 October 2016
IAIN BROWNING MEMORIAL LECTURE: Pilgrims' Progress, Pilgrims' Rest in Jordan: In Search of the Camps on the Hajj Roads to Mecca
09 June 2016
PEF AGM & HONOR FROST MEMORIAL LECTURE: Motya and the Routes to Roots. Phoenicians Back and Forth across Mediterranean
07 April 2016
Being Imperial: Egypt and the Levant Abroad and at Home in the New Kingdom (Jointly with EES)
03 March 2016
Reflections in Ancient Coins of the Maccabean Struggle against Seleucid Rule (Jointly with AIAS)
14 January 2016
Vartan of Nazareth (Jointly with CBRL)
03 December 2015
Evans Memorial Lecture: A Tale of Two Regions; the Living Landscapes of Oman and Jordan in the Bronze Age
12 November 2015
Hisham's Palace in Context: The archaeological survey and excavations in the hinterland of Khirbat al Mafjar, Jericho
01 October 2015
In the Footsteps of a Pioneer Archaeologist in Palestine: One Hundred Years after Duncan Mackenzie at Tel Beth-Shemesh, Israel
17 September 2015
A Reassessment of the Achievements of PEF Explorations in Jerusalem by Wilson and Warren in the Light of Recent Archaeological Excavations
03 July 2015
11 June 2015
Not for the Greed of Gold: A Tribute and Biography of the Life and Career of J.L. Starkey, Director of the Wellcome-Marston Archaeological Expedition to Palestine, 1932-1938
06 June 2015
THE PETRIE MUSEUM SATURDAY SUMMER LECTURE SERIES - Jointly with the Palestine Exploration Fund
07 May 2015
Jerusalem’s First Mosque & the Entrance to Bayt al-Maqdis in the 7th century
09 April 2015
The er-Ram stone mask in context: Pre-Pottery Neolithic masks, fiction and facts
28 March 2015
12 March 2015
Reflections on the Changing Interpretations of Tell el-Hesi and Its Environs: 1838 - 2015
19 February 2015
From Elephantine to Idumea: Contract and Commerce in the Persian Empire
04 February 2015
Why do we need a Fourth Expedition to Lachish?
15 January 2015
The Holy Land Lovingly Explored and Documented in the Late Ottoman Period
04 December 2014
From 3rd Millennium BC Hunters to Crusaders : Culture, Beliefs and Commercial Dealings in Ancient Sidon
13 November 2014
Cities of the Levant: the Past for the Future? (Repeated lecture from January 2014 due to popular demand)
06 November 2014
The Wilderness of Zin – 100 Years on
23 October 2014
Ten days in the life of Dura-Europos: gods, cults and temples on the Seleucid, Parthian and Roman Euphrates (lecture rescheduled from 2013)
02 October 2014
Excavating Machaerus: The Dead Sea Palace of Herod Antipas, Where John the Baptist was Beheaded
05 June 2014
Palestine, Poland and the PEF: Lucjan Turkowski's manuscript 'Material Culture of the Peasants in the Judaean Hills' in context
03 April 2014
Tell es-Sakan, the Southern Levant, and Egypt in the 4th and 3rd millennium BCE
06 March 2014
Copper, crises and the birth of kings: What happened in the early Iron Age?
23 January 2014
Cities of the Levant: the Past for the Future?
05 December 2013
Ten days in the life of Dura-Europos: gods, cults and temples on the Seleucid, Parthian and Roman Euphrates
07 November 2013
The Walls of Medieval Ascalaon
03 October 2013
Views of Palestine: perspectives and experiences from the British Mandate
06 June 2013
The Nabataean Palace Structures at Umm elBiyarah,Petra
04 April 2013
Beyond the Empire: Egyptian Connections with Jordan in the First Millennium BC.
07 March 2013
Divine Sight, Divine Justice, and Eye-Stones in the Archaeological Record in the Hebrew Bible
17 January 2013
Tell es-Sultan/ancient Jericho: across the Eras of Human Civilizations in Palestine
06 December 2012
Old-New Land: Victorian Britain, the Palestine Exploration Fund and the Re-Awakening of the Middle East
08 November 2012
Texts and Temples: on the Textual and Archaeological Architecture of Judean/Jewish Temples in the 7th-5th Centuries BCE
04 October 2012
Set in Stone: Interpreting Funerary Sculpture at Petra
07 June 2012
The Legacy of the Aramaeans and the Aramaization of the Middle East
05 April 2012
Tell Hesban, Jordan: A Case Study of the Divergence of Archaeology and the Biblical Text.
22 March 2012
From Cave to Grave: Menachem Ussishkin, Eleazar Sukenik and the Unknown Nichanor's Tomb-Cave on Mt. Scopus.
12 January 2012
Wanderings in the Wilderness: Surveys in the Wadi Itm and along the Hejaz Railway of Southern Jordan
08 December 2011
The Society of Biblical Archaeology 1870-1919
10 November 2011
War, Politics and Trade in the Roman Red Sea
09 November 2011
Tourism as Colonial Policy? The History of Heritage Tourism in British Mandate Palestine and Transjordan
06 October 2011
The Petra Effect: Archaeology and Psychical Research at George Horsfield and Agnes Conway’s Excavations
16 June 2011
AGM & lecture: The First Shepherds: Neolithic Herders in the Southern Levant
28 April 2011
Oiling the Wheels of Trade: Wine and Winemaking in the Jebel al-'Arab in Late Antiquity (4th-8th centuries AD)
17 March 2011
Joint PEF/AIAS lecture: The Textiles at Masada - an insight into the material culture of Classical Antiquity
13 January 2011
Joint PEF/CBRL/SAS lecture: Cosmology and commerce in the Ancient Near East
09 December 2010
Evans Memorial Lecture: From Burchard to Burckhardt – Views of Jordan
11 November 2010
Browning Memorial Lecture: Ancient Hegra - the Excavations at Madâ’in Sâlih, Saudi Arabia
15 October 2010
Hezekiah’s Tunnel Revisited
01 October 2010
Not for the greed of Gold: A Tribute and Biography of the Life and Career of J.L. Starkey by his son John
11 June 2010
AGM Lecture: Titus, Berenice and Agrippa: the Last Days of the Temple in Jerusalem
16 April 2010
The Coins of Herod the Great
18 March 2010
The First Nabataean Palace in Petra
21 January 2010
Ancient South Arabia and the Near East
10 December 2009
The Evans Memorial Lecture: The Mosaics of Syria and their New Documentation
12 November 2009
Tools of Diplomacy and Objects of Desire: Stone Vessel Trade in the Bronze Age Levant
15 October 2009
Trains, trenches, and tents: the archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia's war
09 October 2009
Browning Memorial Lecture - Palmyra in History and Tradition
23 June 2009
Lectures & Activities
11 June 2009
Archaeology and Liturgy in Jordanian Churches
AGM & David LC Clark ~ Archaeology and Liturgy in Jordanian Churches
07 June 2009
The Architecture and Art of Alexandria and its Influence in Petra, Jerusalem and Damascus
16 April 2009
R.A.S. Macalister: Villain or Visionary?
19 March 2009
Prehistoric Jewellery and the Development of Craft Specialization in the Levant
22 January 2009
Classical Ships of Islam: From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean
27 November 2008
Babylon: New Exhibition, New Ideas
09 October 2008
Kathleen Kenyon: The Myth and the Archaeologist
06 October 2008
A Numismatic Biography of Tel Jezreel
12 June 2008
At the Lake Edge: The Final Pleistocene in the Azraq Oasis
10 April 2008
Biblical Archaeology and Politics in the Holy Land: The Life and Career of P.L.O. Guy.
20 March 2008
Reinterpreting Roman-period and Byzantine Nazareth
17 January 2008
The Ottoman Conquest of Arabia from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

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