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(1867 - 1870)



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Begun in 1867, the expedition to Jerusalem undertaken by Lt. Charles Warren of the Royal Engineers was the PEF's first substantial project. Warren's instructions were to investigate the site of the Temple, the line of fortification of the ancient city, the authenticity of the traditional Holy Sepulchre, the position of the Fortress Antonoa, and the City of David.

By means of a series of tunnels, at great personal risk, Warren and his colleagues, most notable of whom was Sergeant Birtles, were able to define the topography of Jerusalem, recognise the work of Herod on the Temple Platform, and explore the ancient water systems.

This photograph of the Jerusalem Survey team was taken in Jerusalem in 1867 by the photographer of the group, Corporal Henry Phillips. Seated left to right: Lieutenant Charles Warren, R.E., Bishop Joseph Barclay, Corporal Henry Phillips. Reclining: Mr. Frederick W. Eaton; Standing: Jerius, Dragoman to the British Consulate. 

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