The Palestine Exploration Quarterly Volume 123 (1991)
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January to June 1991


Notes and News

Pages 1

Obituary: F.F. Bruce
J.P. Kane

Pages 2-3

Historical Geography and Botany:  Timber in the Nineteenth-Century Old City of Jerusalem
     Gideon Biger and Nili Liphschitz

Pages 4-18

Texts and Archaeology:  Weighing the Evidence:  The Case for King Solomon
     A.R. Millard

Pages 19-27

Solomon:  International Potentate or Local King?
     J. Maxwell Miller

Pages 28-31

Prehistoric Survey of the Baram Plateau
     Milla Ohel

Pages 32-47

A Walk in the Wadi Hesban
     Kay Prag

Pages 48-61

The Architectural Layout of the Amman Citadel Inscription Temple
William H. Shea

Pages 62-66


Pages 67-74


Pages 74-77


Pages 77-80

July to December 1991


Notes and News

Pages 81-83

The Mamluks and the Venetians:  Commercial Interchange--The Visual Evidence
     Sylvia Auld

Pages 84-102

Hosea 9:13 and Josephus, Antiquities IX, 277-287
     Jeffrey K. Kuan

Pages 103-108

Epigraphic Gleanings from the Archive of the Palestine Exploration Fund
     M.C.A. Macdonald

Pages 109-116

Solomon:  Text and Archaeology
     A.R. Millard

Pages 117-118

The Phoenician Inscribed Ivory Box from Ur
     T.C. Mitchell

Pages 119-128

An Early Middle Bronze Age Burial in Jerusalem
Kay Prag

Pages 129-132

Review Article:  The Early Islamic Monuments of Al-Haram Al-Sharif
F.B. Flood

Pages 133-135


Pages 136-140


Pages 140-141

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Pages 142-147


Pages 147-148

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