The Palestine Exploration Quarterly Volume 122 (1990)
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January to June 1990


The Three Ages Revisited:  A Critical Study of Levantine Usage, Part II:  The Proposal
     Rupert L. Chapman III

Pages 1-20

The Roman Road Caesarea-Ginae and the Location of Capercotani
     Adam Zertal

Pages 21-33

Nehemia 3:1-32:  An Intersection of the Text and the Topography
     Nicholas Andrew Bailey

Pages 34-40

The Moabite Sites of Horonaim and Luhith
     J. Andrew Dearman

Pages 41-46

A Few Notes on Demographic Data from Recent Generations and Ethnoarchaeology
     Israel Finkelstein

Pages 47-52

El-Kabu 100 Years after Schumacher's Discovery
Konstantinos D. Politis

Pages 53-55

The Language of the Judicial Plea From Mesad Hashavyahu
Ian Young

Pages 56-58

Arabs and Greeks in Late First Temple Jerusalem
Benjamin Sass

Pages 59-61


Pages 62-77


Pages 77-80

July to December 1990


Notes and News

Pages 81-82

1890-1990:  'A Hundred Years of Excavation at Tell El-Hesi': A Symposium Sponsored by the Palestine Exploration Fund and the Joint Expedition to Tell el-Hesi
Introductory Remarks
     Kevin G. O'Connell, S.J.

Pages 83-86

W.M. Flinders Petrie, The Palestine Exploration Fund and Tell El-Hesi
     Margaret Drower

Pages 87-95

Frederick Jones Bliss at Tell El-Hesi and Elsewhere
     Philip J. King

Pages 96-100

The Joint Archaeological Expedition to Tell El-Hesi and the Results of the Earlier Excavations
     Lawrence E. Toombs

Pages 101-113

Tell El-Hesi and the Camera:  The Photographs of Petrie and Bliss
     Shimon Gibson and Tessa Rajak

Pages 114-132

The Riddle of Tobiah's Document:  Difficulties in the Interpretation of Lachish iii, 19, 21
K.A.D. Smelik

Pages 133-138

Edom and the Edomites:  Review Article
Piotr Bienkowski

Pages 139-142


Pages 143-152

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Pages 153-156


Pages 156-159

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