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This section of the web site is designed as an area where publications can be published effectively without incurring the costs involved in conventional publishing.

Shrine and Scandal The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem 

Derived from an exhibition presented by Dr. G.S.P. Freeman-Grenville in York.

Dr. Freeman-Grenville served on the Executive Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund from 1992 to 2000 and is an expert on churches in the Holy Land.

Early Syria

This feature is based on a tour sponsored by the PEF in 2001, which focussed on the Bronze and Iron Age civilizations of Syria (spanning the third to the first millennium BC), with an emphasis on revealing the character of the indigenous civilizations of the Amorites, Canaanites, and Aramaeans, who have often been overlooked by archaeologists and ancient historians in the past.  The sites described are organized according to geographical region.

Activities in Jordan in 2003

During 2003 the Fund was again active in the archaeology of Jordan, having given grant support to the International Wadi Farasa Project and to the Zoara Survey and Excavation Project.  This link will take you to pages with brief reports on this work.

If you are the author of a text that could fit into this area, please e-mail a synopsis (50 - 100 words) to Execsec@pef.org.uk for consideration. The decision of the Features editor will be final.

Last modified 1 January, 2008