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The Survey of Western Palestine: Introductory Essays

By Yolande Hodson and David M. Jacobson

This volume contains two introductory essays to accompany the Archive Editions facsimile of the Survey of Western Palestine. The first essay by Jacobson, an expert on Jerusalem and Herodian architecture, and the second essay by Hodson, a leading cartographic historian, outline the history of the Survey of Western Palestine 1872-1878 and the PEF's explorations of Jerusalem 1867-1870. Both were landmark expeditions which were published by the PEF for the first time between 1881 and 1884. Both authors have been closely involved with the Palestine Exploration Fund and its archives and collections for many years. 


I. Introduction to the Palestine Exploration Fund Explorations at Jerusalem, 1867-1870, by David M. Jacobson

II. An Introduction to the Publication of the Map and Memoirs by Yolande Hodson

Party of the Survey of Western Palestine


Warren's Party in Jerusalem


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Details;  vi + 75 pages, paperback
ISBN 1852078898
Publisher: Archive Editions in association with the Palestine Exploration Fund, 1999
Dimensions: A4

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