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AGM Lecture: Titus, Berenice and Agrippa: the Last Days of the Temple in Jerusalem

Roman Emperor Titus, AD79-816pm, Thursday 10th June 2010

Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre, The British Museum, London WC1

The Palestine Exploration Fund Annual General Meeting, followed by (at 6.30pm)  

A lecture by Martin Goodman, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

Followed by wine


The end of the love affair of Titus and Berenice, with the dismissal from Rome of his beloved Jewish princess by the Roman prince on his accession to the purple in AD 79, has long provided material for plays and operas. But less attention has been paid to the complex cultural, religious, social, political and family tensions which surrounded their liaison at its start in Judaea, in the shadow of the Jewish war and the eventual destruction of the Temple in AD 70. The lecture will trace the tangled relations between the main personalities in the Roman camp during the siege of Jerusalem in the last months of the war, examining in particular the conflicting loyalties of the surprisingly large coterie of Jews who made their way into Titus' headquarters - not least Berenice herself, and her brother Agrippa, who for many years up to AD 66 had been entrusted by Rome with the custody of the Temple.


Arch of Titus, Rome

Scene from the Arch of Titus, Rome celebrating the Roman victory in the Jewish War, it shows the triumphal procession through the streets of Rome of the treasures taken from the Temple in Jerusalem

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