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The Society of Biblical Archaeology 1870-1919

4pm Thursday 8th December in the Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre

The Evans Memorial Lecture by Graham Davies, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

The Society of Biblical Archaeology was a prominent forum for the study of the Ancient Near East, both in London where it was founded and internationally, for nearly fifty years. Its name is deceptive (and was possibly meant to be), because the study of the Bible played only a minor part in its activities and it never undertook any excavations. In fact surprisingly little has been written about it, despite its name being well known from some famous articles about 'The Chaldaean Account of the Deluge' and what later became known as 'The Nash Papyrus', which were published in its "Transactions and Proceedings". The lecture will investigate why the Society was founded, who were its leading lights, what it did and, perhaps most puzzling, why it came to a premature end just when other societies, like the Palestine Exploration Fund, continued to thrive.


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