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JOINT LECTURE WITH KING'S COLLEGE LONDON: Yahweh Comes from the South Revisited

Robert D. Miller Catholic University of America


5pm, 24th May 2017 King's College London Nash Lecture Theatre, King’s Building, Strand

This lecture is free.

Much has been written about the roots of Israelite religion in the religion and mythology of the Northwest Semitic world. Yet a significant alternate notion perdures in the Hebrew Bible connecting Yahweh with the south – a persistent association of Yahweh with “Teman,” “Seir,” and “Paran.” Some recent studies have dismissed these texts, but without adequately addressing ancient Near Eastern material that supports this association. Israelite inscriptions also connect Yahweh with Teman, and Egyptian records document the name Yahweh in the same region. Miller’s work revisits these connections, drawing also on archaeology of the southernmost Levant, arguing that this region harbors the origins not only of the name “Yahweh” but aspects of his character, as well.

Dr. Robert Miller earned a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan in 1998, with a concentration in Hebrew Bible. He is currently associate professor of Old Testament at the Catholic University of America, where he serves as director of the biblical studies faculty. Dr. Miller is the author of several books and many articles on early Israel, its history, archaeology, and literature, including the forthcoming The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations: An Old Testament Myth, Its Origins and Afterlives, to be published by Eisenbrauns this summer.

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