PEF Mystery Objects

By Elisabeth Sawerthal (PEF Librarian & Reviews Editor)

A group of objects from the PEF collection inspired Felicity Cobbing (Executive Secretary) and John MacDermot (Hon. Sec.) to do a photoshoot.

The images show five objects that are held in the collection of the Palestine Exploration Fund. They date back to the first decade of the 20th century and their size is indicated by the scale (inches) in the first, and by C-3PO in the second picture. They are made of plaster and are copies of objects from antiquity. Can you guess from which archaeological site their ancient originals came?

The Lego C-3PO serves as a clue to the original published image (1912).

The answer will appear here in a week’s time!

Mystery Objects and Scale

Mystery Objects and Scale

Mystery Objects and C-3PO

6 thoughts on “PEF Mystery Objects”

  1. From left to right. The first is a copy of the 10 commandments. Easy. The second, is a Chalcolithic G-d, called in Aramaic “HAR TOV DI TUV” loosely translated as “Good mountain of the good hearted”, alluding to ISIS the goddess and the bountiful love she gave. The third is a pestle, used for grinding einkorn in the Neolithic, also quaintly known as “PESHTO” which became, in later languages, “Pesto”. The fourth, fifth and sixth items are related to “Por-Nu”, Ashtaric sub-goddess of Sex, and used in ritualistic exercises. Papers on the above should be submitted by 5:00PM, eastern standard time, 1903. Thank you

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