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2016 Grant Awards

£10,000 was available for grant awards in 2016.
The following awards were made:

  • Bruce Routledge: Dhiban: Food Production and Consumption in times of Rapid Change   £1,980 (Unable to take up grant)
  • Alexandra Ariotti: ‘Umm at Tawabin’: A Nabatean/Roman Military Camp, Ghor as-Safi £2,730                                           A. Ariotti Grant Report 2016.pdf
  • Gregory Bilotto: An Investigation of Fatimid Metalwork from Tabariyya and Kaysariyya: Two Archaeological Findspots from Medieval Bilad al-Sham   £500   Bilotto Grant Report 2016.pdf
  • Micaela Sinibali: The Islamic Bayda Project £2,500       Sinibaldi Grant Report 2016.pdf                                 
  • Sarah Irving: Yusuf Kanaan: Local Agency and its Limitations in Nineteenth-century Palestinian Archaeology £500       Irving Grant Report 2016.pdf
  • Yehiel Zellinger: In the Footsteps of Bliss and Dickie on Mount Zion. £1,290


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