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2014 Grant Awards

Awards were made to eleven applicants. A total of £9,801.50 was made, £1350 of which was for three Student Travel Grants. 

  • Alexandra Ariotti: Survey of Forts and Police Posts on the South-Eastern Shores of the Dead Sea, £1,070
  • Piotr Bienknowski: International Umm al-Biyara Project, £850
  • David Gurevich: Analysis of Water Systems in Light of Warren's and Schick's Excavations in Jerusalem, £450
  • Ian Jones: Fuel Provision for the Copper Industry in Islamic Period Southern Jordan, £990
  • Geoffrey Ludvik: Analysis of Stone Bead Manufacture and Exchange in Ancient Palestine from London Collections, £450
  • Lucy O'Connor: In Search of Early Pilgrimage Eulogia of Jerusalem, £1,680
  • Angelos Papadopoulos: Study and Publication of Cypriot and Aegean Material stored at the PEF (phase 2), £1,135
  • Denys Pringle: The Walls of Medieval Ascalon, £850
  • Kevin Shillington: Charles Warren in Jerusalem - biography research project, £976.50
  • Micaela Sinibaldi: Islamic Bayda Project, £900
  • Helen Underhill: How are Artistic Skills and SEnsibilities Constructed through Formal Art Education in Palestine, £450

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