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2005 Grant Awards

R. Adams,  Analysis of Midianite Pottery from Faynan
R. Bewley & D. Kennedy,  Aerial Archaeology in Jordan 2004-2007
K. Dark,  Archaeological Survey between Sepphoris and Nazareth
J. Jezierski Bonfils,  Palestine and the Photochrom Companies
M. Peilstoecker,  Study of Pre-19th Century Defences of Jaffa
K. Politis,  Zoara Survey Project, Ghor es-Safi (Jordan)
T. Richter,  Rescue Excavations at Epi-Palaeolithic ‘Ayn Qasiyah, Jordan
A. Shaw,  The Palaeolithic Settlement History of the Near East as Contained in Terrace Deposits of Major River Systems
H. Taha,  Publication of the Final Report on the Excavations at Tawaheen es-Sukkar
M. Whincop,  Re-Defining the Ceramic ‘Regions’ of Iron Age Syria

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