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1999 Grant Awards

R.B.Adams,  Post-Excavation work on Ceramics from Wadi Fidan
J.Bargouth and S.Gibson,  Agricultural Implements in Palestinian Villages
E.Bar-Yosef,  Images of the Holy Land in Britain
S.T.Driscoll,  Ramla Archaeological Assessment
A.A.M.da Silva Figueiredo,  Analysis of Duweir & Jericho Skeletal Material
G.M.Findlater,  Resource Control in the Dana/Faynan Area, Jordan
J.M.Gay,  Creation of Ecological Gardens in Palestine
J. Hietassaari-Andersen,  Neolithic Biology, Ritual & Religion
J.L. Humble,  Excavation, Survey & Conservation in Wadi Rum
A.M. McQuitty,  Post Excavation Analysis of Material from Kh. Faris
D. Manor,  Research into Early 20th C. Art in Palestine
M.W. Merrony,  Early Byzantine Mosaics in the Levant
N. Odeh,  Palestinian & Israeli Water Use
A.D. Petersen,  Planned Islamic Settlements in Lebanon
E. Photos-Jones,  Sugar & Other Early Chemical Industries in Jordan
R.N. Shafiq,  Comparative Study of Nomads & Settled Lifeways
J.E. Taylor, Travel to Study Early Judaism & Christianity
S. Schmid,  International Wadi Farasa Project

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