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1998 Grant Awards

R.B. Adams & T.E. Levy,  Post-Excavation Analysis of Ancient Metal Production and Trade (Wadi Fidan, Jordan)
F. Baker,  Pella Hinterland Tomb Project
G.M. Findlater,  Survey of Iron Age - Byzantine Military Sites in the Dana/Faynan Area
G. Lehmann,  Publication of V. Seton-Williams' Excavations at Tell Rifa'at, Syria
J.L. Lovell,  Study of Pottery from Excavations at Teleilat el-Ghassul, Jordan
A. McQuitty,  Post-Excavation Analysis of Excavations at Khirbet Faris, Jordan
G.R. Nasser,  Post-Excavation Analysis of Pottery from Khirbet Qazone, Jordan
R.D. Pringle,  Ramla Project: Investigation of Development of Ramla Since A.D.715
J.D. Wilkinson,  Publication of Translations of Georgian Pilgrim Texts
S. Schmid,  International Wadi Farasa Project

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