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PEQ 149, 2017

Volume 149, number 1, March 2017

Cover PEQ 149.1 March 2017


The PEF and the Perils of Neutrality: Or Standing in the Middle of the Road
Philip R. Davies    1

Notes & News 3

The Shapira Scroll was an Authentic Dead Sea Scroll
Shlomo Guil 6

North Arabian and Aramaic Texts from Ma'ayan Baraukh in Upper Galilee
David F. Graf 28
A survey of the Nabataean/Roman Site, Umm at-Tawabin, Ghor as-Safi, Jordan
Alexandra Ariotti 44

Fuel Provisioning for the Copper Industry in Islamic Period Southern Jordan
Ian W.N. Jones 87

Report for the Study and Publication of Cyptiot and Aegean Material stored at the PEF (Phase 2: 2015)
Angelos Papadopoulos 91

Pilides, D., and McCarthy, A.(eds), Protecting the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus:
Joining Efforts in Preventing the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage
Niki Savvides 96

Orrelle, E., Material Images of Humans from the Natufian to Pottery Neolithic Periods in the Levant=
Carl Walsh 98


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